Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am History major. So "journalism" to me has a great deal to do with capturing moments in time; snap shots of the human experience recorded for now and forever. The ethics are grounded in context, observation, and the most accurate portrayal possible of the moment as I experienced it. But storytelling is more than just facts... it's about personal narratives that connect us all to a moment through the threads of experiences that make us human.

This blog is itself a story. It's my story as a solo journalist documenting and sharing the tools, techniques, and things I learn as I move about here in Afghanistan embedded with US forces for my third time. The subject of my stories at this juncture is war. It is an environment that tests the limits of my equipment far beyond the design specs while pushing me creatively, mentally and physically to the outer limits of what I thought possible.

Yet, regardless of what area of emerging media I find myself working in, if I am asked, I always say first and foremost that I am a photojournalist. For me, everything stems from that. The challenge is always the same... how to tell great stories with the resonance of images that have lasted the test of time. And with all of the improvements in technology, the possibilities that a single person can achieve are limitless.

Welcome to the blog.